Gently carbonated

New: Old-Time Lemonade

The fifties. A time of fun and innocence. Brigitte Bardot, doo-wop, hulahoops and……Ritchie; delicious, home-style lemonade. Happily sold in Belgium till the late 70’s, Ritchie then decided to take a well-earned holiday. Now Ritchie is back! As effervescent as the fabulous 50’s but with a 21st century taste: orange with a touch of vanilla, lemon with a bit of raspberry and grapefruit with a hint of pineapple and Natural cola. Consume when Facebooking, Instagramming, Netflixing, Spotifying or whilst actually surfing. Serve ice-cold for maximum refreshment.

Put some bubbles in your day

A lesson learnt young …

Lemonade afficionado

Here we see young Jan Verlinden, hard at work in his father’s brewery in Lubbeek, Belgium. Then, young Jan was an eager, unqualified assistant. Today, Jan is the Godfather behind the reinvention of Ritchie 2.0. Luckily he doesn’t turn up to work in velour shorts anymore but he does endeavor to produce the best tasting lemonade!


Ritchie hails from Belgium – the country of waffles, chocolate and Tintin. Ritchie is indeed in good company. Enjoy liberally without the risk of hangovers.

More juice

Ritchie contains more juice than other lemonades and only favours high quality, ingredients like natural sugarcane. No synthetic nasties here.

Twist off

No need to hunt around for a bottle opener or resort to using your teeth! This cap twists off in a jiffy, saving time (and your teeth).


Cola. The effervescent pick me up that instantly conjurs up images of 50’s America, hula hoops and rock and roll is now available in a tasty, new and most importantly, natural version.
Ritchie Cola marries natural aromas, herbs, kola nut, barley malt, sugar cane,fermented apple juice, and lemon juice to create a delicious new cola. More importantly than what is in our cola, is what is not. We believe that caramel and phosphoric acid don’t belong in a cola. Unfortunately, this lack of corrosives in our natural cola means that you won’t be able to derust your bike chain. Ritchie cola was purely created to entice your tastebuds and brighten your day !

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